Features: Solid nrg sub-woofer sound
Waterproof Coneses
Self contained Transport System
Lower Frequency Response than competitors
Hardware for safe Ground Support Stacking
22” wide – Great for Truck Packs
Special DUAL 18” Coupling
Super low, smoother frequency response
Durable Industrial Grade LINEX ™ Finish
Used on its side or standing up straight
Over 60 “shoot-outs” – no loses. One on One.

The DS 1802 SQ. is a rectangled vented Professional 2  x 18” Sub Woofer system with 8 built in handles. On its side, the DS 1802SQ is no higher then 22”. Where emphasis is needed, the DS 1802Sq is perfect for low profile, professional installations, such as Churches, Theaters and Nightclub Installations. Powerful enough to be used outdoors at Concert or live events – weather NEVER being a factor. The DS 1802SQ has a super low frequency response. Lower frequency compared to other sub woofers in its class.


If you are one of those people who are ONLY locked into name brand recognition, as opposed to a better sounding sub, then the DS 1802 SQ is not for you. Over 60 one on one shoot-outs and one lose. That one lose being in name recognition only. Sound quality - it hasn’t been beat. Indoors or outdoors – rain or shine – we have taken them all on. But why should you try to give better sound – Who is SOLID NRG anyway? Remember the phrase: GREAT SOUND YOU CAN FEEL

Applications Include: 
Festival Sound Reinforcement Rave Parties Large Mobile DJ Systems
Concert tours Outdoor Events Theaters
Dance Clubs Concert Venues Production Events
Low profile Church installations Trade Shows Corporate Event Presentations
Architect & Engineer Specifications:

The DS 1802SQ will be a sub-woofer Speaker cabinet. It will be tuned for use from 27hz to 150hz. The cabinet will be covered with durable Black LINEX™ for the most severe physical handling and abuse. On its side, the cabinet will be 21.5” H  x  53.5” L  x 27.5”D. The cabinet will weigh 224 pounds loaded. The front Grille will be made of 16-gauge steel, with 55% airflow. It will be powder-coated on both sides with a rubber surround for human protection and sound resonance dampening. The speaker wattage will be 2000 watts RMS with a peak power of 8000 watts. The sensitivity will be 101 SPL at 1 watt 1 meter. The rigging adapters are installed a 6” and 9” from the front of cabinet and 2” from the bottom of cabinet. The subwoofer cabinet will have a total of 8 handles on it.  Two handles on each of the sides and two handles on top and bottom for optimum handling, moving and lifting. The cabinet will be reinforced with internal bracing for lasting and maximum durability. Flying hardware can be added upon request. Safe Ground Support Stacking


Frequency Response: +/- 3db 31.5Hz to 100KHz - 6db 27Hz
Recommended High-Pass Frequency: 20-25Hz
Sensitivity 1 watt / 1 meter: 101db
Cabinet Impedance: 4 ohm Pin 1 Nuetrik
Power Rating RMS: 2,000 watts
Power Rating Continuous: 4,000 watts
Power Rating Peak: 8,000 watts
Recommended Cross-Over Point: 80Hz or 100Hz @ 24 - 48db
Speaker Operation: Sub Woofer
Type: 2 x 18" vented enclosure - Square
Material: Highest Quality Birch Plywood
Finish: Industrial Grade Durable LINEX Finish
Available in Black
Connectors: 2 Nuetrik 4-Pin Connectors per box
Grille: Powder Coated Perforated Steel
Optional High Pack Cabinets: TM1001, TM1002, TM1201, TM1202, TM1501, TM1502, TM1510, TM1810
24 Point Rigging Hardware: Built into Cabinet
Height: 53.5 inches
Width: 22 inches
Depth: 27 inches
Weight: 224 lbs
Frequency Graph:

Measured @ 12ft - Full Power - 2300w RMS Cross-Over @ 100Hz @ 24/ or 48db. No Eq. Low shelf @ 25Hz.


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Sub Woofers: SS1801SQ / SS1801T / DS1802SQ / DS1802T

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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