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The Solid NRG range of speakers are excellent for monitors, side fills, concert clustered mains and close ceiling installations for churches or nightclubs. They are extremely versatile for touring or installations of any type. The unique trapezoidal shape makes them great for clustering in small areas for larger sound coverage. All speakers come with flying adapters built in.

All Cones are Waterproof

Smoother frequency response

Built-in flying adapters

Unique Trapezoidal Shape

Built in handles

Speakers are both Active and Passive


Many different types of event or function can be catered for with Solid NRG. These include:-

Festival Sound Reinforcement Rave Parties Large Mobile DJ Systems
Concert tours Outdoor Events Theaters
Dance Clubs Concert Venues Production Events
Low profile Church installations Trade Shows Corporate Event Presentations

disco lighting

Disco Lighting & Effects

Universal 19" Rack System


Speakers: TM1001 / TM1002 / TM1201 / TM1202 / TM1501 / TM1501N / TM1502 / TM1502N / TM1510 / TM1810

Sub Woofers: SS1801SQ / SS1801T / DS1802SQ / DS1802T

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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